Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Me.

I am, I have concluded, a difficult and complex individual. One who watches too much television, which any rational human being would mean that I am being dumbed down and simplified with every passingminute.
But no. Difficulter, and more complex.
For instance: I laughed like a child at a re-run of "The Big Bang Theory". It must be the funniest programme on TV, apart from the TV1 6 O'Clock News. At least TBBT is intentionally funny. Then, a quick channel change, so Jenny can watch Coronation Street... and we catch the last few minutes of the programme I actually hate more than 't Street.
Masterchef. Oh, ye gods. I would seriously take to religion if someone would tell me that praying daily would remove Masterchef from the tele, and my hurting memory.
The presenters have, at most, 12 lines that they use, re-use, abuse, then use again. And again. Cooking doesn't get any tougher / harder than this. Ladies and gentlemen, can you stand the heat? It's been a hard decision... (wait for 30 seconds of drone, then commercial break, then a repeat of the line, 30 seconds more of drone) Roger Testosterone, I'm afraid your flambeed prune-juice enhanced prawn in a Weet-a-bix bisque wasn't up to the mark, but (wait for thirty seconds of drone) we've decided you get to stay, while Wilhelmina Winklebottom leaves Masterchef! You must want this Masterchef title more than life itself. And so, and on, and fucking on.
On another note: I'm still having trouble with Skype. I forgot my password. NOTE TO SELF: write passwords down. I hit the smug little "Forgot Your Password?" thing, and it promised to send me an email. It didn't. I hit it again, It didn't respond. So far, it's ignored me seven times. I have been advised to delete Skype frommy 'pooter, and start again. I did. I downloaded it, yay, an updated version. It didn't ask me for a new sign-in or password, because, well, it already has this 'pooter registered.
I hit the smug, snide, and thoroughly evil "Forgot Your Password?" thingy. It hasn't responded. Still. Again.
At least I've figured out how to make my facebook thing work again, but that doesn't help me talk to my beautiful grand-daughter.
Reading: T. Jefferson Parker, "The Renegades". A cri8me police procedural, which I'm not normaslly big on. this, however, has captivated me.
Listening to: "Concert for George", by a buncha George Harrison friends and family. Cool.


  1. Hi! Happy NY to you and Jenny. Will have to remember to pop by your blog now and then and see what you've been up too. I happen to like master chef btw! lol

  2. I know I miss good things by not having a television, but I do get to miss a lot of silly programming.. and adverts, let's not forget the adverts!