Monday, December 6, 2010

The last days...

A short blog, today. My ancient Mother rang me just as I was about to start, and kept me umming and erring and yes Mum-ming for 20 minutes. Soh.
I'm into the last few days of my work with the Library... and, if you were thinking of buying me something expensive for Christmas, forget it. I have already been given the most fabulous Christmas gift.
Yes, the two thoughts are connected.
I visited the lovely Mrs Wood and Mrs price today. they're neighbours at a small... well, retirement village is a nice name for it. It's a place where old people end up when they have no money, but plenty of faculties.
These two old things, with barely a razoo (of the brassy variety) between them, still managed to buy a gift for their friendly departing Library guy. Mrs W put it together: a basket, filled with fresh fruit, carefully wrapped in cellophane.
When they gave it to me, a tear slipped down my cheek. I doubt that I've ever received anything half as precious.
Listening to: Elton John & Leon Russell, "Union". I'll need to listen to it a few times, I think: the sum may not be greater than the parts...
Reading: Just finished the Billy Bull book. So - where's the movie?
No Paper Heroes today: I'm on the wrong 'pooter...

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