Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Scribbles IL

I have a project. It relates to the book that I'm reading, and it's only taken me 15 months to get around to actually starting.
What I needed was The Book. I have tried a couple of the normally excellent bright yellow "Idiot's Guide To.." books, but even they haven't been basic enough. They've assumed that the reader has at least some initial instinctive abilities, or has somehow already graduated past the first, very basic, step.
The book I have is slim, and has attrractive pictures. I found it in the Junior section of the Library. Working in a Library is handy: no-one looks at you when you browse the kids' section.
The book is called "Look Mom! I built my own Website!", and was writted / put together by an excellent chap, name of Zohar Amihud. "You don't mess with the Zohar" scampered embarassingly across my cranium when I saw his / her name.
Which reminds me: a perfect way of identifying a stranger as someone you'd like to continue to converse with. Ask them their opinion of Adam Sandler.
Anyway. I am going to actually start building my own website, with the help of a book puiblished for 10-year-olds. And here's the thing: I understand it. So, watch this space.
The weather continues to be grey and soggy for our two-week break, so were wombling about doing indoor things. Yesterday we went to the always excellent Auckland Memorial Museum. It is truly superb, and of an international standard. Their current exhibition, "From Kai to Pie", is a thing of wonder. For overseas readers: Kai (pronounced Kye) is Maori for food, while the ubiquitous pie is a New Zealander's favourite take-away meal. The annual best pie competition can be worth tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of dollars in trade for the winning baker....
There was a live Thai Kai cooking demonstration. A Thai feed for lunch, two bucks. Then there were the exhibits themselves. Excellent,educational, fun. A terrific way of filling three hours.
Today - we're off to the movies. Again. This time, to see the new Leonardo de Cappucino movie, "Inception". I've heard / read wildly varying reviews. I hope it works out well, and that LdC doesn't have to scrunch his face up to show anguish. I've forgiven him the appalling boat movie thing he starred in... that titanically horrible movie, what was it now? He is a fine actor, really, except for when he scrunches his face up in anguish. Then he just looks silly.
Reading: Well, you know. "Look Mom! I built my own website!", Zohan (Not Adam Sandler) Amihud.
Listening to: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, "No Quarter".
More "Paper Heroes":
And that coast is, of course, secure: no-one would be mad enough to land down there. Not for another 12,000 years or so, anyway.

The Equus watched Fox’s finger trace the line, across to Buffalo, a great city of 10,000 people. But there were not enough Unders there: perhaps they could bring some back from Francisco. Then Detroit, and then the long way around what used to be Chicago. On across the Plains, to Salt Lake City, where there was still a pocket of independence. Even now, the Henrys had to seek permission to go through the area. That rankled with The Equus, and he made a note to stamp these Mormonites out, once and for all. Perhaps on the return journey. Yes, cause them no problem on the way west, lull their suspicions. Then rip their bowels out on the way back.

After the Salt Lake, strike west to Sacramento, then on into San Francisco. The city had to be made secure. The Installation was twenty miles from the city, and that made it invaluable.

It worried the Equus that his deputy in San Francisco had allowed the situation to deteriorate as badly as he had. If I can’t rely on my own brother, the Equus thought, then who can I depend on? He recalled that Fox had argued against posting Ronnie to this post, and that he had waved away the scabby man’s protests. Maybe he was right, and Ronnie needed the .45 cure. He’d think on it. Meantime, the train was rocking along, making an impressive 30 miles an hour, moving west. The Equus had some time to pass, so he stood, stretched, and said, “Woman! Where is Woman? Have her sent to me.”

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