Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There. Right on tele, he said it: "If this legislation passes, entire stretches of beach may be..."
It doesn't matter what these entire stretches of beach may or may not be. I just want to know what, exactly, is an entire stretch of beach?
Is it 20 centimetres? That's a stretch, for a 4 centimetre piece of string. Is it a metre? Is it 20, or 2,000 kilometres?
I am, very soon, going to stop watching television news. It aggranoys me, and make my arthritis hurt.

I've just spent two hours writing a speech. That's enough writing.
READING: Kate Griffin's "A Madness of Angels". It is very, very good.
LISTENING TO: Well, The Killers "Sawdust", The Beatles "Abbey Road", and Iron Butterfly "Inna Gadda Da Vida". The last one left me wondering why I ever gave up doing drugs. Oh, yes: being able to think.
More "Paper Heroes":
“What do you mean?”

Blunt picked up the attack. “There have been two more attacks since we wakened, Charles. Tens of thousands dead in Brazil, and St. Petersburg has practically ceased to exist. A hundred thousand dead.”
“And yet I see no fear on the streets. No major concern. Many look to us as their salvation, but with no urgency. Because while the threat is real, no-one is taking it seriously. They can't. Your people are not affected by the threat: on the tri-vid shows I see men and women discussing the deaths, looking concerned, and then, in the next breath, telling of a kitten caught in a drainpipe. At least someone was capable of being able to rationalise that you needed help, and did what was necessary: brought us back into being. But here’s the problem: like your people, we Sleepers have no fear. Charles, I know that the nanobots we have will allow us more freedom than we enjoyed in a previous time: they’ll heal wounds faster, ensure we won’t get ill from drinking bad water, and yes, we can and do contemplate killing and destruction.”
“That’s what we decided.” Charles was genuinely puzzled. What was it these people wanted from him? Hadn’t he given them life? Hadn’t he given them fame? Hadn’t he taken them from the barbarity of their own time, and shown them what mankind had achieved in the past few hundred years?

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