Monday, September 13, 2010

Industry, and the Mayor

A short blog today. I'm off to a Mayoral Reception this evening, so will not have the time (or sobriety) to do my usual Tuesday blog. I'm also knocking these few paragraphs off on my PC, rather than my laptop, so there'll be no Paper Heroes.
I'm a little weary of businesses calling themselves an industry when they don't make anything. The real estate "industry". The banking "industry". The retail "industry". These are businesses.
An industry is a business that makes stuff. That produces something tangible. The fruit canning industry. The plastics industry. the firstry industry. The agricultural industry. They make stuff. Tangible stuff. The real estate people make nothing, except for money and victims. Ditto for finance and banking. Retailers make nothing. They sell the products of industry.
The mayoral reception this evening has a lot to do with politicking, and a little to do with the show I was in recently. Yes, the acting industry. Mayor Andy wants to show his appreciation to a few dozen voters for the cultural values we bring to the city. Sigh. Free beer, though. Driving, though.
Listening to: nothing, right now. Humming Nina Simone.
Reading: Ken MacLeod's "newton's wake". Good like anything, so far.

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  1. Free beer from the mayor! I never knew politicians could be so useful! I see your point about industry. Hmmm. Anyway, drive safe!

    .. and thanks for your kind and supportive comment on my slightly traumatized blog.