Monday, October 25, 2010

Power to the people means more than 240 volts AC.

To paraphrase the Bible: whither thou goest, I shall go.

First there’s America. Uncle Barry’s boys in the West Wing got the printing presses going, and gave the banker-wankers a couple of trillion bucks to bail them out of the trouble they’d gotten themselves into by having Bush and his bully-boys give them a couple of trillion dollars to they could ease up and regulations and oh god it’s all so circular.
Suffice to say, Bazza McBama now been stymied by the Republicans, and soon won’t be able to do a damn thing.
The only way out for America now is for the nation to get together, roll up their collective sleeves, and innovate. They’re good at that. They need each and every American worker to start working and producing good stuff, at such a rate that one American worker produces what it takes 20 Chinese workers to produce. Then they’ll be in a position to compete.
Unfortunately, America has trained vast swathes of its population how to sit on their arses while other vast swathes of Americans serve them a Starbucks coffee.
New Zealand took note, and followed suit, by bailing out inefficient and potentially crooked finance companies, while also amalgamating Auckland’s nine cities / boroughs into one. They obviously took a long right-wing look at what was happening, and understood that competition doesn’t always make for efficiencies and higher productivity. John Key wittered on endlessly about how his biggest priority is to get Newzillind wages and salaries equal to Australia’s – and then promptly looked for new and more efficient ways of making more Newzillinders unemployed. Yeah, John. That’ll work.
And in the UK a right-wing gummint (as Johnkey would say) has upped and fired 490,000 public servants… while the so-called public-sector has no way of employing them.
There is no protection for the worker any more. There is no government for the people, by the people, of the people. There is government for the corporations, by the corporations, of the corporations.
We, the little fellows who do the work of production, of support, and of paying for the corporate structures, and who are also the ones who make them work.... well, we're are allowed to think we have some say. In New Zealand there’s a charade every 3 years. In America they vote incessantly. In Britain, it’s once every five years.
And each vote that’s cast – it doesn’t matter for whom – turns around kicks the voter in the teeth.
We need to find a way back from the Reaganite / Thatcherite / Rogergnomic “market forces” ideology, and start slapping some people protections into the law. What American corporations and banks have done over the past 20 years is almost evil. And people like Johnkey are tiny little minions of the devil. Greed ain’t good, Gordon Gecko. And I’m tired of being made to play in your sandpit

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  1. Change in government priorities usually require that people should get very fed up first. Not just fed up, boston tea party pissed or French revolution infuriated. Unfortunately, most people haven't got the energy. Governments know this - and of course, there are so many things that we distract ourselves with - they know that too. It doesn't matter how you vote, the government will get in. People think me unpatriotic because I refuse to endorse ANY politicians in this country. If a good one turns up, I will vote. What makes you think I'll never vote that way? Cynic!